Our real beauty…


How many times have you asked yourself in front of your mirror ” Am i really beautiful ? ” .

How many times have you thought what’s the really beauty and how you can gain it?

Every woman in this planet wants to be beautiful and attractive (basically every person in this world wants this ) but especially women try hard to achieve it.

But, wait a moment , what’s really the real beauty ? Makeup? Confidence? Or just the way we see ourselves ?

There’s no doubt that makeup makes every woman feel more beautiful and attractive . In fact , that’s the reason why we spend hundred hours in front of our mirror with plenty of makeup tools . But have you thought that this has also to do with “how we feel” ?

Did you know that according to some researches men like girls and women who wear less makeup and are more natural ? ( Yeah i know,you can punch yourself for the uncountable hours you spend for your makeup )

Although it may be a bit “banal” what makes us really beautiful is a compilation of the idea we have for ourselves with the love we show to our appearance. ” People see in us what we reflect from the inside  ” never forget that ! Do you wanna look beautiful? Then feel beautiful and love yourself ( don’t start talking to your mirror thinking you’re the one and only instead) and the confidence will be reflected! No one like someone who’s miserable and has no self-esteem.

Do you have any scar or something you are ashamed of? Do you try to hide it using tones of makeup? JUST STOP ! It might be something that makes you special. Light up what’s beautiful in and out of you and be ready to impress everyone!





13 thoughts on “Our real beauty…

  1. exoticnita54 says:

    My intake on beauty. Is whatever or however you see yourself as..
    I know we are told to love ❤️ ourselves.. but the eyes 👀 are the door 🚪 of your mind…
    It’s what we see or what we think 💭 is seen.. that is important to us.
    You have made some really good points though.. and how nice it would be if we all see ourselves as perfect

    Liked by 1 person

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