What do we really want to do for living?

One way or another everyone will face the BIG question “what am I gonna do in my life now? ” . Don’t panic just try to make a list that will be very helpfull in the end .

There are uncountable factors that will influence your opinion : parents,teachers,friends,economical crisis,researches. Starting with the first factor , parents always tend to impose their dreams and ambitions upon their children . There’s no doubt that every parent loves his child to death and wants the best for it but it’s really really wrong forcing it to something his child doesn’t want.

What about teachers and  friends? Teachers (at least those few who are normal people) can advise you to choose a career path by testing your skills and wills. For god sake don’t choose a career or a job just because your friend chose it! DO NOT DO THIS! 

And what about researches? They might be really helpful for you to create an opinion about plenty of career paths but it’s just numbers! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!


Just take a look of the photo below:

  1. Make a list of the things you ‘d love to do
  2. Make list of the things you’re good at
  3. Make a list of careers that can give you money and perspectives
  4. Find the one or those career paths that exist or matches to all lists!

Dan dan dan daaan! That’s the career you should follow.

And last but not least , do what the pic below says

Thank youu for reading this post,i hope it will be helpful just for one person😙

6 thoughts on “What do we really want to do for living?

  1. Rebecca Radd says:

    A quite orientative post for those who don’t know what to do for a leaving. Although, there are so many things to be said regarding this. Great subject choice!

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  2. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    This is a brilliant post for those starting out. Really great. I started out 23 years back. But, let me tell you later on in life things happen and sometimes you feel like you are starting out again.

    My one advise, once you get something, make hay while the sun shines, and do not spend all the hay. Have money in the bank account for a couple of rainy days. My life changed drastically – to the point i did not work for two years ! and now luckily I am part time now.

    So all I say – keep assessing your life and always have a safety net or sorts.

    Thanks for following me.
    Your blog and your website a super impressive.

    Regards Bella

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