Any talent for me? 

” Talents ” … so many meanings , such a misunderstood word. Every person in this earth has a talent given to him by the first breath he took. Some people can sing like angels’ and others can draw breath-taking paintings . But talents are much more than those two. 

I always remember myself wondering “Why I don’t have any talent? I can’t sing well , I can’t draw well , I am not good at any sports ” and getting more and more disappointed . The sense of injustice overwhelmed me for many years . I was so so stupid . We may not be good at sports but we might be talented at listening to others’ problems. We may not have an angelic voice but we might have a talent at impressing our thoughts by writing . Talent is much more than those we think .

As I said before talent is an accident of genes , we are born with this. Even if we don’t understand it talent is also a responsibility we have . No matter how talented we might be , if we don’t work hard for this talent to get evolved then we lose every power of it . Everyone has a talent – what’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads. There’s no saddest thing than a wasted talent.

Always remember that hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard . The separation of the talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood for people who are trying to excel , who have dreams , who want to do things. Talent you have naturally .Skill is only developped by hours and hours of beating on your craft .

So whenever you are not so confident and your self-esteem disappears for a while , think that you are talented at something , stop ignoring the power you hold in your hands and just USE IT ! 

15 thoughts on “Any talent for me? 

  1. cyranny says:

    Very true… Most people will agree that we all have some talent even if it takes time to discover what we’re particularly good at. But I like the reminder that talent is a responsability. The best singer will never go far if he only sings from time to time in the shower! 🙂

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