Autumn’s taste

As a student I remember myself matching autumn with the end of my summer-freedom . As a university student now autumn is related in my mind to some kind of calmness and program. Yes , for me autumn means calmness and program.

Before you start punching me, let me explain why i like the taste of autumn. I truly enjoy and love every second of summer, I love the sea, the sense of freedom and the air full of dreams I fell every moment. But after 3 months of plenty free time I feel like I’m bored of the laziness and want to reintergrate myself into a program when I can be creative again.

In my mind , autumn has to do with getting back to base, being even more creative full of energy to achieve your goals.

What I love in autumn is :

  1. The cozy clothes we start wearing again.
  2. The smell and taste of hot chocolate (how I’ve missed that)
  3. The gentle rain reappearing
  4. The start of the university semester, the new experiences coming up

Don’t consider that autumn is the end of summer . Think of it as a chance of starting new experiences while you are filled with summer’s hapiness. 

So let’s enjoy this autumn and surrender to the new things where it leads us! 

30 thoughts on “ Autumn’s taste

  1. chris jensen says:

    As you made me, honestly look at the time of year autumn brings;

    it always seems that i’m rebuilding my life after great material losses… i now find it interestingly strange that this has happened year after year..

    i’ve always love the way Mrs. Nature goes through her changes with some many different colours an temperatures..

    i also see that you dropped in for a read,

    thank you


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  2. holdinggold says:

    I love the idea of Autumn as a new beginning, I definitely feel the same way! Especially in University, I feel like October should be dedicated to self-care and making your way back into the school routine!

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  3. littleaprilshower says:

    You literally described my exact thoughts about autumn. It is truly my favourite season and after 5 months (yes, 5 months!!) of summer, I found myself getting bored and lazy and just wanted to get back to learning at university again and get into a routine. After the second month of summer I was like “ok this is getting silly now, can summer be over already”. And now I’m back at uni I feel like I have some sort of purpose again, and it’s honestly the best feeling.

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