A for Attempt

By searching the word “attempt” on the Internet I found this meaning :

  1. an act of trying to do something
  2. something that results from trying to do something

So let’s just talk a little bit about attempts “. Since we are born we are obliged to attempt things. At first we attempt to make steps,to walk,to start talking. Later we attempt to learn things and be good students,to communicate with other people and behave properly. Then we attempt to achieve our life goals until we achieve them. ALL WE DO IN OUR LIVES IS TO ATTEMPT ! 

What would life be if we have no courage to attempt anything? Is life worthy if you are not able to attempt anything anymore? I think people die inside when they have nothing to attempt to anymore, nothing to fight for, nothing to achieve. But as long as we breathe this moment won’t come. Cause every breath we take, is a new chance, a new attempt to do something to create something to achieve something. The goals may be different from age to age from time to time. But the need of attempts never stops as long as our heart beats! 

Either we attempt to do things we know they are possible to achieve or we attempt to do things that seem impossible. The key to hapiness is attempting even when you’re going to fail. Cause there’s nothing more worthy in life than the sense of fulfillment we feel when we try!

My advice? Just attempt to live, to make your life worthy! 



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