Music = Life

Since I’ve started writing for this blog I wanted to post an article about music. Cause I can’t imagine myself living without listening to music!

Music ON  –>  World OFF

When I’m listening to music I feel like I can travel the whole world inside my mind. It’s like everything inside me needs and requires to listen to music. In my house,on the road, while running, in the subway, while I fall asleep I always wear my  earphones. I don’t have a specific kind of music listening to, I love trap, dance, pop songs, rock songs and greek music. But I can listen and love every kind of music, from opera to hard rock

For me when a song I like starts playing it’s like I lose contact with my surrounding area. When I’m sad I search for my phone to listen to music, to calm my mind my thoughts. When I’m happy I feel like I have wings while my favorite songs are playing.

Music is a way of expressing yourself, your feelings, your fears, your dreams. I can’t imagine how lucky are those who can play instruments, write songs or sing! Ohh how I wish I could sing better that I can! 

Music can make your mood better,can make you laugh, cry, get motivated, REBEL! Yes, music is not only a way of expression but it’s also a way to outburst your feelings without harming anyone.

Today’s advice? Put your favorite song playing loud and make your day happier!

29 thoughts on “Music = Life

  1. joliesattic says:

    I love music, but I don’t play it except when I’m in the car. At home when I’m doing nothing, yes. When writing it distracts me especially if what I’m writing is themed. For example writing about a lost puppy in a tornado or the cartel violence. Well… the mood has to be set just right or it doesn’t work. I should be a composer as well, then I’d compose as I’m writing. In the car, I sing or sway to whatever. I like pretty much all of it.

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  2. Eric E. says:

    Yes, same here. Music is a part of me as a whole person. I am not whole without music. Music is a connection to the soul of the world. Can I imagine a world without music? No, it is impossible because the world is made up of music. Can I imagine a life without music? Yes, and it is dreadful. I know at least one person who does not really care for music and they have a miserable life, but it is their choice.
    Now that you know how music effects you I note the you reach for your phone to listen to it. If you can someday, I recommend clubbing together a decent sound system, which can be done for not a lot of money for entry-level and maybe even try getting together an analog front-end (a turntable) and some records as well in that and give a listen to whatever you want on that. You will connect in ways you won’t believe. Basically, I just want you to experience sound other than a phone and earbuds with compressed files. If you know someone with a decent sound system or whatever, ask to listen to something on it.

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