Saturday nights

There are some Saturday nights when you don’t want to hang out or meet with friends and you just want to stay home. Exactly how I feel this night!

All you need is just to stay in your cozy home, without hearing people yelling, watching people pretending. The thought of having to find what to wear, how to make your hair look like, makeup (for us,girls this is a really long-lasting proocedure,trust me) seems terrified.

You just want to drink a glass of wine,

turn the lights off and light some candles

and listen to some music

The thoughts are filling the moments passing when you’re doing nothing but staying alone with yourself. Having a great time doesn’t mean that you must be out, in places full of people. Alone with yourself, facing your thoughts, relaxing…that’s also fun! 

Of course we don’t have to become antisocial and lose communication with other people! But what we can and have to do is spending time alone with ourselves whenever we need it, doing whatever it makes us calming, relaxing, happy!

Have a nice Saturday night whatever you’re going to do!

16 thoughts on “Saturday nights

  1. claudiomcordeiro says:

    A solitude às vezes é bom e necessária. Apenas ficar e viajar em você mesmo. Olhar no espelho e dizer amo estar com você. Hoje apenas eu eeu mesmo em um belíssimo copo de vinho. E se for em um sábado à noite… Bom, muito bom.

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