In love with the sunrise

My favorite hour of the day is when the sun rises. When the sky is filled with shades of so many different colors and looks like a stunning painting. Yes, I’m in love with the sunrise.

When the sun comes down, I look at it and think of the things I’ve done the whole day, what I achieve and where I failed. It’s like the sun rises just to make us think how hard we tried and how many things we attempt to do. To remind us how important every single day is! 

The final show of the sun before coming down and give his place to the moon is to make us understand the importance of reclaiming every single moment of the day, to be active, be with the people we love, treat others right. 

The sun gives its place to the moon, the day to the night, the light to the darkness. Just how the whole life is. Just how everything in this world is. The circle of life applied in every single thing in the whole world! 

Stand in front of your window, in the street, wherever you are for just a minute and watch the sunrise. Think of how worthy you made your day and be happy you just experienced for another day this natural miracle! 

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