Think or act?

There are people who use a lot their mind before taking a decision and there are those impulsive who prefer acting at the moment they have something in their minds. Well, I’m more like the first type! 

Let’s start with those who think instantly before making any decision. They count the positive and negative aspects of everything, the consequences and the prospects. They don’t just let things happen but they try to make things happen the way the want to! What’s the advantage of being like this? You secure (as much as you can) the safety in your life, the possibilities to follow the wrong path are few and the consequences not so disasterous! The disadvantage? This type of people are losing the sense of adventure, of taking risks, the experience of the unknown.

Now about the impulsive types. They love taking risks, they decide something by the time the idea comes to their mind. They don’t waste their time thinking the consequences but they just live to experience the adventure. The advantage? They live their lives to the fullest! No thinking, no worrying, no fear! Just action! The disadvantage? They are unaware of the danger they are in by taking such impulsive and risky decisions.

As I mentioned before I’m more of the type who thinks and analyzes the aspects of its thing. But thats when I have to decide about important things that affects my life or the people I love! I have take risks in my life for simple things and I enjoy the sense of daring to try something unknown.

Soo,my advice? For important issues that have to do with your life, your future or the people you love you have to think before you act and make a decision. But as for those things that are simple like experiences you can and you need to act impulse,to live your life to the fullest!

11 thoughts on “Think or act?

  1. ramblings of the mind says:

    I am the second type .. I believe there’s no certainty in future ..
    like a leaf that
    falls from the tree gets
    carried by the wind,
    dropped in the river and
    dragged to the sea
    Life happens as it should

    but there are things which can change though so I look both sides while crossing the road

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