The “love” thing !

When we mention the word we use to mean the couple’s love. But love is not just that. Love is the feeling we have for our parents,the feeling that parents have for their children,the feeling we have for our friends and relatives. 

Love is such a magic bond. It’s something that we can describe with words. Cause there are no words describing efficiently this feeling. Why do we love our parents? We do parents love their children? Why do we love someone and want to be with him/her? When do we know that we love a person? 

Parents love their children because they are a part of them. Because their children are born from them, they are small creatures brought to life by them and they see them growing. They just love their children unconditionally and this cannot change no matter how cruel the world is! 

Children love their parents because they are the people who gave them birth, who brought them to life, gave their livesh to raise them and did whatever they thought good for them. This is also an unconditional love!

We fall in love with someone else because we like him/her inside and out! We like their character,their appearance, their flaws! We want to be with them and being loved back! 

How do you know you love someone? Would you give your life for your child? For your parents? For your loved one? Would you choose for them to be happy even if you had to be  unhappy? That’s what love means…

What would we be without love? What would the world be like without the connection of love between people? We already live in such a evil world, where human rights are repeatedly violated and the only worth that matters is money. If there was no love anymore,  then how cruel would this world be? I can’t and I don’t want even to imagine that.

My advice? Show your feelings to your loved ones. Don’t waste any time fighting, letting egoism destroy what really matters…just LOVE IN ACTION!

2 thoughts on “The “love” thing !

  1. Mark Lanesbury says:

    And eventually our journey will show us something else, the one thing we avoid due to our low self worth or negativity from our upbringing…the ability to love ourselves! All those fears are expectations of ourselves…remove those fears and we are free…unconditionally free.
    When we can do that…only then can we love another with no expectations…unconditionally 🙂

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