Why me? 

How many times have you thought Why did this happen to me? Why me ? ?

Every person in this world have thought this even once! But what’s the thing we can understand? 6 billion people in this world. Everyone facing problems,some more easy to face and other really serious! But why do we think that the bad situation won’t approach us? Are you wondering why the serious problem happened to you? It’s absolutely normal to feel this way and think like that. But why to happen the bad thing to someone else and not to you? I know that in situations like diseases, deaths and serious problems you can’t see things clear and the pain is what leads your mind! 

Always remember that everything happens for a reason. When the time pass and your wounds stop bleeding you will be ready to accept this situation! There’s no why me? ” . By the time something bad happens to you, face it! At least try to do so! No matter how hard it is… we have to keep believing, no matter how tired and discouraged we might be.


16 thoughts on “Why me? 

  1. Southern by Design says:

    It is true, we all have those moments in time. I have found that they are the best opportunities for growth and learning who we are. It is hard to see them as a blessing when we are in the midst of the struggle, but after we can look back and see how far we’ve come. Great piece! 🙂

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  2. vishal4u says:

    So true, I don’t remember the name but it is a true story, a Wimbledon champion was suffering from a cancer and one of his fan asked him when he was in a hospital that , “don’t you fee terrible thinking that why such a disease happened to you?”. The champ replied that,”when among so many contestants and in front of whole world , my God gave me chance to win Wimbledon , at that time , I never asked him why me then why should I ask now.”

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