The eyes

The eyes, our eyes…not just organs making us see but also the mirror of our soul! 

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of our souls. Can this be real? Of course! Cause eyes never lie. When we are sad our eyes get filled with tears, we cannot control this or make it stop! When we are happy our eyes seem like smiling. When we lie, someone who knows us can always know that we do! 

The kindness and good character of a person can be seen in his eyes, so does the bad one. We see with our eyes, we fall in love with our eyes and the eyes are the most gorgeous way to express our feelings.

The beauty of eyes doesn’t have to do with the colour of them or their shape. If they are just expressing the real you, if they show your real inside beauty then they are beautiful! 

My advice? Let your feelings be expressed through your eyes. Look into others’ eyes to see their truth!

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