Photo of the day 9th October 2016

If we magnified BLESSINGS as much as we magnify disappointments, we could all be much happier 

Why do we only magnify the bad things and those that disappoint us? Why do we spent hours and hours everyday to grumble for what bad came up instead of thinking all the goods we have in our lives? 
Even the fact that we were born is a miracle, everyday that we see the sun coming up and rising again is a miracle. Okay, there are things disappointing us but why do we need to magnify them? To make the situation worse? 


Let’s just focus on the positive side of life. We are blessed that we live, we are blessed that we see, hear, walk, speak… WE ARE BLESSED THAT WE LIVE. All we need to do is to magnify that blessings, this is the only way to be trully happy!

12 thoughts on “Photo of the day 9th October 2016

  1. Psy says:

    I ask myself the same questions sometimes… maybe it’s because the bad things shine a light on aspects of ourselves which we want to change or improve. While the good things in life kinda get taken for granted, so we dust them off like it’s chocolate pudding or something.

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