I may not…

I may not be rich, but I can offer to other people what money can’t buy.

I may not be the best at maths, but I know hot to keep an account of what other people did for me.

I may not understand the mysteries hidden behind universe, but I understand that we have one life, one opportunity to leave our mark in this world.

I may not be old enough to be wise, but I have learned from my experiences so far that in the end we are treated like we treat others although it must take long to see it.

I may not be famous, but I am loved by the people I love from the bottom of my heart.

I may not have the money to travel the whole world, but when I close my eyes I’m walking along roads and places I’ve never been or seen before.

I may not be immortal, but I ‘ll never die as long as there are people remembering and loving me.

I may not live in a big house, but I have the luck to live in a cozy home from which I know every single part of it. I’ve cried in every corner of it, I’ ve laughed in every room of it.

I may not have many friends, but there are few people I’ve met in my life and are precious as relatives to me.

I may not be have what I want to, but I really want what I already have! 

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