Photo of the day 11th October 2016

Kindness is never wasted “.

Why can’t we at least be kind in our everyday life? Why do we let our bad moments and disappointment influence the way we treat other people? Is that fair?

My belief is that when you’re kind you can only gain from this. Even if it’s just the smile on the face of another person. For instance, a few days ago I felt so glad when an old man stopped me in the subway,asked me how he could reach a place and after I told him the way he thanked me so many times for such a simple thing. Just the smile on another face is the best reward I can get. 

You can never lose when you’re kind. And there’s not a bigger revenge than to be kind to those who treat you bad


14 thoughts on “Photo of the day 11th October 2016

  1. ericstrong51 says:

    I think we let bad moments influence the way we treat other people is related to survival instincts. If you get complimented or made to feel good that’s nice and might be remembered as something you want to happen again, but there’s no great survival pressure there. If you get burnt, physically or mentally, you remember with great intensity and don’t want it to happen again because it affects your very survival and must be watched out for and avoided. The brain doesn’t distinguish between a real threat or imagined.

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