Do you remember?

Memories…good or bad. The ones we reminisce and those that we don’t even want to remember.

What’s the first thing you remember from your life? When was the time that you started remembering? My first memories are from the age of 4. I have lots of memories from the age of 4 until now. Most of them good!

Do you remember the first time you went to school? The first time you made a friend? Do you have memories from your childhood worth-reminiscing? It’s believed that what we have in this life is just memories. Cause memories are those that recreate our personality and our way of thinking. 

Memories mean touch, vision, smell, hearing and taste. Whenever I see children playing in yards I remember the times I used to play like them. Whenever I smell jasmines I remember my grandmother’s house where this smell is everywhere. Whenever I hear to music, I remember how I was feeling the time I listened to each song for the first time. Whenever I eat and taste“pastitsio” the traditional greek food, my childhood in my grandmother’s house comes to my mind. Whenever I touch my parents’ hands I remember how they were taking away my fears when I was a child just by hugging me.

For sure there were some really bad moments in my life. But I won’t erase them whatever I do and no matter how I wanted to. But those moments were also the one that made me what I am today.

All we have is our memories. Let’s try to create the best memories so that we can reminisce the times we had.

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