Photo of the day 12th October 2016

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others “.

We are so occupied with what others do for us, what they offer to us and how they treat us, that we just forget to pay any attention to what we do for them. It’s like we just expect from other people to do things for us without caring what we offer to them.

Today is the day to start helping other people, caring for other people. What you get in return? A smile. A smile that will light your whole existence.

There’s nothing more worthy in this life than giving. And I’m not talking about materials. I’m talking about the love, the energy and the companionship you can offer. By the time you ‘ll understand this, you’ll find the mission of your life.

13 thoughts on “Photo of the day 12th October 2016

  1. vishal4u says:

    The ability to do for others is so imminent in human being, but over a period of time we have completely abandoned to do so.
    Even in small kids, I have observed that most of the parents are not teaching them art of giving. That is not good for society.
    We Humans have created boundary for our love and restricted it within our family.
    We have two hands not to enrich our life, but to help the needy one and cherish that happiness forever.

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