Never again forever

One word, so many promises…

Why do we need to underline the word ” forever ” ? Why do we emphasize this word? If we love someone, your lover or your friend there’s no need to make promises that you might not keep. And even if you keep them, you can prove it with your actions not with what you say.

I feel like in the years we live, the meaning of some words has been descredited. I see people saying ” I love you ” to someone they just know for 1 day. Saying that they will be together forever without even knowing each other. Forever is a word really heavy, carrying a huge promise. It’s absolutely wrong to use it for no reason.

I don’t like the fact that we’ve lost the whole point of our words. What I know is that if I love a person, my friends, my parents this is it and there’s no reason to make such promises. Your actions will prove if what you feel and what you want is meant to be forever. If only we were more responsible of what we say….

16 thoughts on “Never again forever

  1. vishal4u says:

    I think we have lost the credibility of our words. Now people in this modern world want everything fast and smooth. The beauty of words and their meaning is bets understood by someone who in anyways is associated with literature, because he feels them and uses them to express his emotions. Whereas practical guys just exploit those words and their meaning to get what they want it to convince someone.

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  2. Abeer says:

    Very true! I wish if people would think before they talk. It’s not only about making and keeping promises; it’s also about delivering the right message –with the use of right words!

    Great post! 😊

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