… Sorry …

Is this the most difficuly word to say? And if yes, then why?

Just a word. Such a simple word. And it’s believed that this is the most difficult one to say…The reason? Do we really know why we don’t dare to say it? 

By saying ” sorry ” we apologize. We apologize for a bad action, a bad behavior or something we’ve done and regret it. This word can only fix things, fix the relationships with other people, why do we avoid saying it? 

What I know is that when I am wrong I’ ll say sorry. And I mean it. Nobody’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes and hurt people. But when we do so, we have to feel sorry and express it to the ones we hurt. 

Whole relationships are ruined just because the one who was wrong refuses to say sorry and show it. How mature is that? 

Leave the egoism behind. When you’re wrong admit it, apologize. Both you and the ones you hurt will feel relieved. Apologize mainly for you to get rid of qualms to feel relieved. For me, to say you’re sorry is the easiest thing cause you can only gain from this. 

26 thoughts on “… Sorry …

  1. watermark17 says:

    This is so well-written! It does take humility to apologize and truly seek forgiveness. It is taking a step back and setting aside our pride. I am one of those people who over apologizes because I have been a people-pleaser who apologizes even when things are not my fault. I am going to work on being selective about the apologies that I give.

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  2. Psy says:

    On that note, I’m sorry if I made an inappropriate comment in the past (like there was one last weekend where I felt that it maybe made you upset…). Sometimes I express my opinions in a way which others may find offensive, but it’s never my intention to cause any harm. Peace โค

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