Meet my Greece – Piraeus

” Piraeus (GreekΠειραιάςPireás) is a port city in the region of AtticaGreece. It is located within the Athens urban area, 12 kilometers southwest from its city center and lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf.The port of Piraeus is the chief port in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world.The city boasts the most popular and one of the most prestigious Greek multisport clubs, Olympiacos CFP. “

All these are the information that can find everyone in Wikipedia site. What’s the way I see Piraeus?

 I love this city. If Athens is love , Piraeus is passion. 

  1. It’s the city with the largest passenger port in Greece and Europe. 
  2. It’s the city where my favorite team is based. What’s my favorite team? OLYMPIACOS . The team with the most championships and titles in every sport that takes part in Greece and one of the best teams in Europe.
  3. I love the way this city compiles the huge buildings and the ” city life ” with the sea and the feeling of peace.
  • Port of Piraeus 
  • Piraeus Station
  • Karaiskaki Stadium ( the Stadium of Olympiacos’ football team )
  • Peace and Friendship Stadium ( the Stadium of Olympiacos’ basketball team )
  • Pasalimani
  • Mikrolimano
  • Marina Floisvou
  • Veakio Theater
  • Municipal Theater of Piraeus

Ohh you can’t even imagine how I love Piraeus. Whenever I ‘m in a bad mood I just run to the subway in order to go there, to walk along the street in Pasalimani, to sit in a bench and just look the sea. Athens and Piraeus for me are one, although they might be considered as two different cities. Whenever you come to Greece don’t forget to visit not only Athens but also Piraeus, you will taste a feeling of peace and calmness.

[ In a previous post I gave you a small idea about how Athens, the capital of Greece, is. I decided to start a new category of posts named ” Meet my Greece ” in which I’ll let you see places in my country through my eyes. I would really like to tell me if you are interested in this posts so I could keep writing them. I ‘m waiting for your comments.]

38 thoughts on “Meet my Greece – Piraeus

  1. Tony says:

    Ah, I come to see your blog as you have kindly looked at some posts on mine. This is great! I love stations, airports, but especially ports. We lived on a sea-going boat when I was a kid so always excited me to be in among the big ships. And also in my childhood I avidly read the Iliad and the Odyssey so Greece has always had magic for me. I return the compliment & follow your blog, kind wishes to you…Tony

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Carolyn Page says:

    It’s wonderful to love your native country! Only yesterday I watched a documentary regarding the history of Greece, which was quite fascinating…
    Your images are delightful. Yes, Greece is certainly on my bucket list of countries to visit… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. vibesofacalcuttan says:

    Wow 😀 amazing! When I see modern Greece through your eyes, I always think how beautifully the country have reconciled her tradition and history with modernization. Upon seeing the picture of the port, there was immediately a superimposed image in my mind of some thousand-years-older port with ships having masts and sails docking there instead of the cruise ships now 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  4. doubtpuppet says:

    HA – this made me smile. I was briefly in Piraeus in 1990, when I was inter-railing with some school friends through Europe. We were waiting for a ferry to the beautiful island of Naxos. One of the lads had borught a hacky sack(like a small bean bag type ball). So while we waited, we found a free patch of grass by the port and played keepy-uppy(kicking the ball to eachother in a circle without letting it hit the ground). As we played, all these different strangers, including some sailors, came up and joined in. There were a lot of guys playing by the end. A really special moment in life. I wish I had a photograph. Well I do but sadly it’s in a private album in my mind, and it’s getting a little gnarled around the edges now.

    Greece is so damn beautiful. It makes me sick what has happenedthere recently. Europe is being sold down the river by bankers.

    Liked by 1 person

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