What makes me happy

There are so many things that can make me happy. If I could make a list of them it would be like the one below.

  1. A baby / child What you don’t know about me is I love children. My dream was to become a teacher but because of the economical crisis here in Greece I decided to study in the field of economics. Whenever I see children smiling or playing I think that I understand the meaning of life. It’s so simple to make them happy and they can offer to you the whole world with just one hug.
  2. MusicThat’s something I’ve also told you in a previous post. I can’t live without music. I just can’t imagine my life like this. Music can change my mood even in a really bad day and when I feel sad, I listen to my music and find solace.
  3. ChocolateOkay, I have to admit it. This is my weakness. I love chocolate, I can’t resist on it and it makes me happy. I’m a chocoholic ! 
  4. TravellingTravelling is my passion. If only I could just travel the whole world, touch every rock of this planet. 
  5. The moments with the people I loveThose moments with the ones I love. The times I ate with my family, the walks I had with my friends. Simple moments but so important for me…

Do what makes you happy. Don’t let the sad moments ruin your life! 

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