Photo of the day 17th October 2016

You should never sacrifice three things

  1. Your family
  2. Your heart
  3. Your dignity

There’s nothing important than your family, your heart and your dignity. Your family is the people raised you, those who no matter what you do they will be there for you to support you, to love you…

Your heart is all that you want and love. Your wills your passions your dreams. It’s what you are.

Your dignity is all that you have. It’s your pride! No one can take it from you, either you’re rich or poor, young or old.

Those three things are your power and weapons in this wild world. Don’t sacrifice them, don’t ignore them. Use your power to protect yourself from the craziness. Use those three weapons!

15 thoughts on “Photo of the day 17th October 2016

  1. vishal4u says:

    I think this three things are interconnected. Like sometimes in case of emergency, you might end up doing something which is against your heart but has to be done to protect or to take care of your family and this act will surely be causing a dent in your dignity. In this case what should be done ??

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