Photo of the day 18th October 2016

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ” .

Most people, and I’m talking about me too, make a decision according to what’s easiest. But the easy way isn’t the one offering you the most important things in life. 

We make the easiest decision in order to feel good immediately and we refuse to see that this is a mistake that will cause serious problems in a while.

The real happiness comes after a lot of try, a lot difficulties and passion. The road to happiness isn’t easy at all…but it’s so worthy when you reach it. What makes something worthy is the power you have to show to get it, to overcome the difficulties. What’s worthy in life is difficult to get it. But that’s what makes them worthy! The difficulty to reach them. If they were easy to get, would they be still worthy? 

Don’t choose a path because it’s the easiest. Follow every road you want no matter how difficult it seems and you’ll be rewarded when you reach your destination with the hugest price. Happiness.

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