What I hate…

Previously I’ve made a post in which I named the things that make me happy. But there are also the ones that I hate. If I could make a list of them, it would be like the one below:

  1. InjusticeWhat I hate the most in the whole world. I can’t stand injustice. The unfair treatment of people intentionally is, in my opinion, one of the worst actions.
  2. FightsI am not talking only about the fights body-to-body, but also about the ones with words. I hate fighting cause I think that both sides’ souls will be hurt.
  3. CoffeeYes, I belong to the minority of people that don’t like coffee. In fact, as much as I love chocolate I don’t like coffee.
  4. SpeedI love travelling by car, I love being on the road but I hate the high-speed. I think that it’s really dangerous especially after an accident I had. I love the smooth rides.

These were a few things I don’t like doing or having in my life. I love peace and I hate fighting. I want a fair world and I hate injustice. I’m a chocoholic who doesn’t like coffee and I prefer smooth rides than high-speed ones.

20 thoughts on “What I hate…

  1. amyjanepoplife says:

    yay! Finally another person who does not like coffee! I have never been able to stand it – not even the smell of it. I used to work in a coffee shop and every day I would come home with the smell of coffee in my clothes. Urgh.

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