The thing about Sundays

Sunday today…in many religions Sunday is the holy day of the week. This post is a bit more personal and I’ll explain why I love Sundays.

Sunday –> the day of sun. But I’m not talking about the sun that lights the world. It’s the sun that lights our inside, our thoughts, our minds. I used to think that Sunday was the most boring day of the week. Since the next day is Monday when my whole schedule will start again, and the previous day is Saturday when I usually go out with my friends or doing things relaxing me, Sunday was somehow indifferent to me.

Since I’ ve been a university student things changed. I always try to find the positive part of its thing. So did I with the day called ” Sunday ” . To me Sunday means family, foods cooked by my grandmother, family meals, hugs, cozy home. If Sunday could become a person with existance then it would be my grandmother. And now I love Sundays.

I love the fact that Sundays exhales always the feeling of calmness, happiness, light! It’s the last day of week and you can do so many things to relax and have fun before you return to the strict program you have to follow.

Call your family or relatives and invite them to eat together! Sunday’s beauty is felt only when you spent the day with the people you love.

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