It is said that half of the success is hidden in having opportunities.

I refuse to accept the thought that opportunity is only a matter of luck. My belief is that WE ARE THE ONE WHO CREATE OUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES AS FAR AS WE ARE ABLE TO DO SO. 

  • Life is unfair and you can witness this fact in every situation in every place in the whole world. Some children have the luck ( or the curse ) to be born in wealthy familys and others don’t have enough food to eat. Some children are born healthy and others fight for their lives since their first breath. But even a person raised with everything he wished for won’t succeed if he don’t want to try hard for his goals.
  • Making things positive doesn’t mean a sunny outlook… It means making the choice to see problems as opportunities
  • If you believe something and want it with passion then you’ll se the opportunities. If you don’t believe your dream or don’t want it that much then you’ll only see obstacles.

The advice? Focus on problems means you have more problems. Focus on possibilities means you have more opportunities. Opportunity dances with those already on the dancefloor.

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